„Das Außerordentliche geschieht nicht auf glattem, gewöhnlichem Wege.“
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832, dt. Dichter)

A dedication to law

or the attempt at an "office philosophy"

As a company providing a legal service, we want to offer our clients tailor-made solutions to legal problems within our areas of expertise, advising them on the structure of law, on out-of-court conflict management and on unavoidable legal proceedings.

We are convinced that this can only be best achieved with a team which works together both professionally and personally, in which result-oriented decisions are taken and emphasis is given to individual responsibility. We welcome strong personalities and their ideas.

Through frequent publications on legal issues, we not only avoid the danger of academic stagnation, but also prepare both ourselves and our clients for future legal developments. We regard working as lecturers, examiners and trainees as a natural part of our own further education. It is no coincidence that we are situated close to the Law Faculty, since this creates an atmosphere in which ideas can be freely discussed and developed, and which encourages the investigation of any scope within the law which, with the help of experience and informative comment in areas of competence, can be imaginatively used.

We welcome the increasing pressure in the legal market to innovate. It is our aim not simply to survive this process of development, but to help to shape it. Our day-to-day work involves tracking down possibilities for improvement in the areas of organisation, technology, internal and external communication, and in working out and presenting our services. We are happy to include our clients in this process. In order that we might learn from any mistakes, we welcome criticism and the opportunity to analyse the way in which we have worked up to now.
Experience shows that working on a large scale is unsuitable for the realisation of such a program. The natural result of this for our firm is "growth limits". Even though we are continuing to expand at the moment, we wish to remain small in size but high in standards. On the basis of our considerable experience, we strive instead to cooperate as required with other equally professional legal firms.