„Eine der seltensten Befähigungen ist die Befähigung, Befähigung anzuerkennen.“ (Elbert Hubbard, 1856-1915, amerik. Schriftsteller)

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Join our team!

You are interested in us? Your are a student or postgraduate student?
We are always looking for new colleagues. Please apply for a job of a

Postgraduate trainee
Research assistant
Legal intern


We offer:

  • insight and practical introduction into the professional work of lawyers on a high level
  • modern office equipment including a extensive library and access to extern data bases
  • a friendly - although sometimes stressful - atmosphere
  • the opportunity to publish with us
  • payment better than average

We expect:

  • very good legal writing skills, with postgraduate students at least satisfactory exams
  • with lawyers foreign language skills
  • a high intellectual commitment and devotion to work
  • inclination to academic discourse, reliability and interest in team work
  • ability to consider legal issues from a strategic point of view and with understanding for economic aspects

A basic knowledge of the German language would be an advantage.