„Der Zweifel ist der Beginn der Wissenschaft. Wer nichts anzweifelt, prüft nichts. Wer nichts prüft, entdeckt nichts. Wer nichts entdeckt, ist blind und bleibt blind.“ (Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955, frz. Theologe, Paläontologe u. Philosoph)

Administrative law



  • Discount stores in housing zones? The „Shop“ as a Convenience Store with a small floor area (more details...)
  • The errection of the NATURA 2000 network and the Habitat tolerance test: latitude for interpretation, problems, and development tendencies. (more details...)
  • „Departure from the „Potential  Habitat Directive Areas“?  The decision of the Federal Administrative Court in light of the Dragaggi Decision of the European Court of Justice.“ (more details...)
  • „Factual Bird Reserves“ and the Transition to the Habitat Tolerance Testing, according to Art. 7 of the Habitat Directive:  state of the discussion after the Decision of the European Court of Justice and the B50/Hochmoselquerung Decision of the Federal Administrative Court. (more details...)
  • The „most appropriate zones by numbers and area“ under Art. 4 Para 1 Line 4 of the Bird Protection Directive:  state of the discussion and perspectives at hand from the judgments of the European Court of Justice and the Federal Administrative Court. (more details...)
  • Book Review: Commentary on the Land Use Ordinance (BauNVO) (more details...)
  • Book Review: Buildingregulations Law Handbook (more details...)
  • The countries cooperation under Art. 23 of the german constitution with ‚committeeised‘ EU Acts – as an exmple of the Habitat Directive. (more details...)
  • The range of the further applicable „Guarantee Holder Liabilty“ to the benefit of the public credit institute: limited letter of indemnity without the guarantee of the instant fulfillment. (more details...)
  • The Federal Administrative Court and the abolition of the Singular Admittance (more details...)
  • Monument Protection in Saxony (more details...)
  • Strengthening the local level – Acceleration – Transparency? On amending the Saxon Land Planning Laws. (more details...)
  • Problems associated with the Habitat Directive and the Bird Conservation Directive, considering as an example the Ems Lock System (more details...)
  • Book Review: „The Administrative Process“ by Wolfgang Kuhla and Jost Hüttenbrink (more details...)
  • Time line for the Objection deadline at the Announcement of Building Permits for Third Persons. (more details...)
  • The „Contaminated Sites Liability Cases“ for trust privatisation:  Problems in View of the liability exemption of investors and coping with them. (more details...)
  • Good Counsel is Expensive: the transfer of the Environmental Information Guidelines in Saxony. (more details...)