„Der Zweifel ist der Beginn der Wissenschaft. Wer nichts anzweifelt, prüft nichts. Wer nichts prüft, entdeckt nichts. Wer nichts entdeckt, ist blind und bleibt blind.“ (Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955, frz. Theologe, Paläontologe u. Philosoph)

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Social law

  • Current Decision:  Investment Support for Care Institutions (more details...)
  • Pensioner Real Estate on Mallorca: Exportability of Services under SGB XI to other European countries? (more details...)
  • The Unification of Europe and Social Welfare Law: Consequences of the „Molenaar“  decision of the European Court of Justice. (more details...)
  • Authorities‘ negotiating space in the adjustment of nursing homes from the former GDR to the HeimMindBauV (guidelines on the minimum requirements for care institutions). (more details...)
  • No claim against illegal acquiescence: HeimMindBauV and nursing homes in the former GDR. (more details...)
  • Single Company Directors and the Change to Collegiate Company Directing (§36 Abs. $ SGB IV) (more details...)